Home questions people experts resources forums peer counseling blog about us donate category: sex and fertility after sci how is sexual function in men affected by a spinal cord injury? viagra how long does effects last Viagra 100 german remedies Diane m. viagra how long does effects last Rowles, ms, np nurse practitioner, spinal cord injury rehabilitation program, rehabilitation institute of chicago sex and fertility after sci biography of diane m. buy viagra over the counter Rowles, ms, np transcript so let start first with the anatomy, and i think that will help. generico viagra In the spinal cord, there's two areas that control sexual function. Buy viagra overnight shipping One is from t11, and some books will say t10, to l2. buy super active viagra The other is s2 to s4. liquid viagra ingredients T11 to l2 for men controls what we call psychogenic erections, erections where the stimulus is in the brain—seeing somebody naked, looking at a magazine, dreaming where the stimulus starts in the brain. nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buying-viagra-on-line-on/ That stimulus goes down the spinal cord; the t11-l2 center flips it out and stimulates a psychogenic erection. generic viagra shipped from us The s2 to s4 center is a reflexic center, and what i mean by reflexes is that the message doesn't have to go to the brain for a reflex to work. viagra price bangladesh A reflex, the message goes into the spinal cord, loops around and comes back out. viagra how long does effects last So people who have injuries high up in the cervical level, the high thoracic level, if their injury is complete, meaning no messages are getting through, then they're likely not to have psychogenic erections. Viagra zagreb But all of the damage to their spine, all of the swelling is high up in the spine. can you buy viagra without prescriptions The bottom part of their spine, that s2-s4 part of their spine, is intact and working, it's just not connected to the brain. generic viagra pill in usa So the reflexes can go through that part of the spine, it's actually called the sacral arc reflex, and there's many reflexes that go through that area. canada viagra for sale But the reflex erections, so reflex erections are erections stimulated by rubbing the inside of a thigh, masturbating, playing with public hair, catheterization anything that's external, the message goes into the spine, loops around and comes back out and stimulates an erection. viagra buying So like i said, people who have higher injuries have more reflex erections, less psychogenic, if their injury is complete. viagra online overnight delivery usa Okay, now people who have low. viagra how long does effect last order cheap generic viagra That’s the old powerhouse up there and the water right below has some of the best fishing the Snake River could offer.
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